MHollis Design will keenly observe, understand the objective and philosophy of our client's business and help them in designing corporate identity logo designs, Corporate Brochures , business cards, letter heads, CD cover designs, flyer design, and more giving it the value added touch required. We ensure our client corporate identity design goes a long way in establishing its brand image and gives the client the cutting edge in the business.

The advent of the Internet diminished the dominance of printed media, but many consumers still rely on magazines, brochures and business cards when making purchase decisions. Print design requires special care for maximum efficacy. Plain or unremarkable designs will waste any investment you put into print advertising. Consumers will only respond to unique and eye-catching designs because print media is already saturated with plenty of forgettable logos, slogans and deals. Choosing MHollis Design for your print design projects to ensure your campaigns make a big impact. We combine experience and endless creativity to create advertising materials that are never stale or easily forgotten by viewers.

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