Corporate identity designs portray the company's identity, objectives and achievements and create an indelible image of your company among the customers and public. It has become an important tool for the promotion of corporate culture and building brand awareness for customers.

A logo is more than your company name written, it is to capture the interest of your customers and to sustain it and finally empower them to indentify your brand through the logo. It must capture the very essence of who you are. Think about some famous, creative logos and you will see how much of the brand persona is embedded in that small graphic that you call a logo.

Your logo is often the first thing that a potential customer notices about you. So it is important that your logo makes a strong statement about you. Your logo should be the image that you are trying to project and create a desired impact among your customers and future customers.

Sometimes small and medium businesses won't be able to spend a lot of dollars on modern logos. If you are looking for inexpensive logo design, you are at the right place. MHollis Design has unrivalled expertise in creating a creative logo, animated logo, logo redesign, 3D logo that encapsulates everything that you stand for. We will design an original modern logo with a polished look that will help build brand recognition. So go ahead make a cool logo or go for a logo redesign, a 3D logo, or an animated logo.

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